Cookie Fudge Pops

Cookie Fudge Pops

Are you trying to find new ways to stay cool and beat the heat? How about a sweet, creamy frozen treat that's super easy to make? Well, we've got your back with these show stopping Cookie fudge pops! You can whip these up super fast, pop them in the freezer and shortly enjoy some sweet cold relief. Featuring a drizzle of our Oregon Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and your favorite cookies crumbled on top! Recipe and photo courtesy of @hannahharvestinghealth. 

1 cup plain/vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup milk 
2 tbsp. cacao powder
2 tbsp. honey

Chopped Chocolate Chip Cookies, or the cookie of your choice! 
Eliot's Oregon Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 

1. In a blender, blend together the yogurt, milk, cacao powder, and honey.
2. Pour into 5 popsicle molds and freeze for at least 5 hours.
3. Once frozen, pull the pops out and drizzle on the hazelnut butter + top with crumbled cookies, then freeze again for about 30 more minutes!

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