Our Story

Who is this Eliot,and what's the deal with their nut butters? Eliot's Nut Butters is bigger than any one person. We are an award-winning, small-batch nut butter company based out of the Eliot neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. Our grown-up line of products delivers the most flavorful nut butters you've ever tasted. Started by a nutty couple with two small dogs, Michael and Laura are intent on taking your nut butter experience to new heights. All while building a sustainable company that's doing its part to make the world a better place.

How did it all begin?

One fateful day in 2013, while founder Michael was snacking on his favorite spicy flavored nuts, the light bulb in his head switched on. An aspiring chef, Michael figured if the spicy nuts were delicious by the handful, wouldn’t they also make an excellent nut butter? Without hesitation, he pulled out his trusty food processor (a beloved birthday present from his parents: thanks mom and dad!) and made his first nut butter, a Spicy Thai Cashew butter. There was no turning back. 


By the fall of 2013, Michael and Laura were selling the first jars of Eliot’s at holiday craft shows throughout the Pacific Northwest. While balancing full-time work -- cooking for Michael and a nursing career for Laura -- Eliot’s Nut Butters continued to grow. Like many small businesses, Eliot’s has had its share of adventures, trials and tribulations. Whether seeking inspiration or grappling with tough decisions, Laura and Michael often do their best thinking on the great hiking trails of Oregon and Washington. The fresh air, tall trees and inspiring mountains provide the perspective needed to take Eliot’s to the next level.


To this day, Eliot’s remains a small-batch, mom-and-pop business with big dreams! 

  • Ingredients

    Great nut butters begin with great ingredients. We take pride in sourcing high quality ingredients from local producers.


    Oregon Hazelnuts

    Happy Cup Coffee

    Meridian Cacao Co.

    US grown nuts

  • Mission

    -Nut butters with simple ingredients and bold flavors.

    -A world where healthy, delicious eating is accessible to all. 

    -To build a sustainable company.

    -Do our part to make the local and global community better

    -Have a few laughs and meet great people along the way