It's hard to say goodbye 😥

The kernel of the idea that became Eliot’s was sparked in July 2013. We officially launched in November 2013 and we were off to the races. We gained fans, stores, added new flavors, changed branding but stayed true to core values all along the way. Making a great tasting product that is good for you and helps make the world a better place.

As we approach ten years of existence, it would be ideal to be planning a celebration of Eliot’s. Unfortunately Eliot’s Nut Butters will not be around to reach that milestone. As a small, scrappy nut butter company, we’ve done our best to build a sustainable business. We’ve encountered setbacks over the years and reached a juncture where continuing operations is no longer financially possible.

It is a sad day for us and we are extremely disappointed to let down our loyal fans. Our last production run was in January 2023 and we are already running out of inventory.

This is the final chance to stock up on your favorite flavors. All the jars we are selling now have at least 16 months of shelf life. When you order today,  you are getting very fresh nut butter that will last quite a while in your cupboard. We will be ending our website sales on March 15th. After that, you may be able to find our jars at some local stores or Amazon until their inventory is exhausted.

Thank you again for being a fan and enabling us to produce and sell our nut butters for over nine years. Without your orders, kind words and support, we could never have made it this far.

Wishing you good health and happiness in 2023 and beyond,

Michael Kanter


Eliot’s Nut Butters

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