Our story

Portland resident since 2011 and living in the Eliot neighborhood since 2012, Michael Kanter grew up as an aspiring chef in the Chicago area. Little did he know that his passion for food would lead to work his way up in restaurants for five years in Brooklyn, Seattle and Portland when the lightning bulb moment finally struck. Nut butters are great, but would adding more savory, grown-up flavors work? The taste was great and the icing on the cake was that making nut butters meant he could make a great source of plant-based protein that was naturally shelf stable. This meant his commitment to high quality, sustainable ingredients would always be part of every jar. Starting with testing nuts from the bulk bin to ordering pallets of peanuts, Michael realized he had stumbled on this nutty calling and is committed to the mission of making the best tasting nut butters that are both good for you and the earth.

By sourcing locally, paying a living wage, never using palm oil and making the best nut butters out there, we aim to raise the bar in nut butter category and beyond.