Spicy Thai PB Greens with Tofu

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Spicy Thai PB Greens with Tofu

As usual with our PBs, the beauty is in the simplicity. With just a few ingredients you can make this delightful bowl in 10 minutes or less. Using our Spicy Thai Peanut Butter in to create a creamy dressing for crunchy packs a ton of flavor and protein into this tasty bowl. Of course you can make the main components from scratch and that will add a modest amount of prep time but you’ll have a great and tasty lunch or dinner real fast either way.


Bag of pre-shredded slaw or crunchy greens from store

1/4 cup Spicy Thai Peanut Butter

2 tbsp Lime juice(fresh squeezed is best!)

1 tbsp Rice wine vinegar(optional)

1 tsp Sugar(or you favorite sweetener though also optional)

Block of Baked Tofu from store or made ahead

2 tbsp Chopped Peanuts(optional garnish)

Whisk peanut butter with lime juice, rice wine vinegar, and sugar. Add warm water little by little until its almost loose enough to pour. Put slaw mix in bowl, toss with creamy PB until coated. Serve in a bowl, top with tofu slices, drizzle remaining dressing and chopped peanuts and eat!

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