Salty Espresso Nib PB Golden Graham S'more Treats

Want some S'mores but don't have fire or don't want to wait for that camp out? Well have no fear, just grab these few ingredients, add our Espresso Nib Peanut Butter and in less time then it would take to build a campfire you have our tasty smores!


Grease a 9x13 pan. Melt butter in medium size pot. Once melted, remove from heat add marshmallows, followed by peanut butter and stir until combined and uniform.

Pour Golden Grahams into a bowl and pour marshmallow mixture over grahams. Begin stirring and add in the chocolate chips. Reserve a small amount to sprinkle on top if you want some chocolate chunks.

Once evenly mixed, spread into greased pan. Sprinkle with salt and let cool. Once cool, cut and serve. I may have sampled a bit before it was set...and it was delicious before and after!